Linda Murdough CPC, ELI-MP, is a Personal Transition Coach who specializes in supporting individuals who are experiencing major changes and transitions in relationships, home life, career, finances, personal and spiritual.

Linda has a unique skillset. In addition to being a professionally trained coach who can help people create new lives they love, her personal journey through life’s many transitions has helped her develop strong intuitive abilities.  She is trained to empower you to take the chaos out of your life along with the stress and exhaustion and help you transform your inner world to an environment in which you can thrive!

Linda has a background in energy healing and is certified as a Professional Coach from the prestigious Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching.  In addition, she is a certified Energy Leadership Coach and is a Grief Recovery Specialist through the Grief Recovery Institute.

Her goal oriented focus comes from more than 20 years of experience in corporate administration working with some remarkable leaders.

She loves helping people and believes that the combination of her business and personal experience, along with her coaching certification from iPEC, helps her partner with you in overcoming any barriers and obstacles that are blocking you from expressing your true self in the world.

Linda has been described by her clients as someone who radiates “wise love” and that shines through in her coaching.

Currently she lives in Toronto, Canada with “Two” her beloved Calico feline.

She regards her 28 year old son as one of her greatest “teachers” on this journey of self-awareness.

Warm weather, nature, working out and daily meditation help her stay balanced.

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are


beyond measure.

-Marianne Williamson 

Linda's demeanor and spiritual presence is very unique. She allows her intuition to lead her in a compassionate and sensitive manner. Her calm, non-judgmental approach makes one very comfortable to be open and candid. Linda guides ever so smoothly and effortlessly to help her clients find the answers they want and need. She has worked with me to see things from a new perspective and I recommend Linda without hesitation.

Karen RossChicago, IL

Linda entered my life a few months after the tragic passing of my 4 year old son, Aidan. I believe certain people are introduced to our life for a purpose. It has been apparent that Linda is such a divine presence in helping me to trust my own intuition that Aidan is with me and the love and emotional ties with Aidan will never go away. On several occasions, Linda amazed me with her ability to know my son had a message for me and it was always EXACTLY what I needed to hear at that moment. These messages have also opened the door for my own healing - that my son is at peace and will always be with me. I look forward to continuing my work with Linda during my journey of healing and transition to a renewed purpose in life.

Tara DunionDouglassville, PA

My life coaching experience with Linda has helped me to discover my true self, be more specific about my goals and why they are important to me. Her understanding and encouragement have helped me enormously. It is really nice to have someone so intuitive in my corner. She has helped me to become a better me, and to continuously be more aware of how my thoughts influence my emotions. Her impact has been substantial in my personal growth.

Neelam KathuriaToronto, ON

Linda is a caring, empathic person who brings great perspective and wisdom to conversations. Linda & I have grown close over the past 3 years and she has had a tremendous impact on my life. I know her to be someone I can count on to help me find different paths, ask the tough questions and yet be a soft place to land. She has a unique blend of humour, passion for helping others, positivity and realism that is so valuable.

Kendra MarionToronto, ON

My conversations with Linda always leave me with renewed hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel and an awareness of how far I have already come. She continually shares new tools and techniques which help me face the latest challenges in my life with confidence in an emotionally stable and mature way. Linda comes from a place of inner peace and wisdom that offers compassion, understanding, valuable suggestions and support. So grateful!

Farzana WaljiToronto, ON